Camp Hill Primary School has been a community-based school for 145 of those years. Originally with 1200 students on-site, Camp Hill Primary School has a long of history of providing care and a quality education to the students of Bendigo and surrounding areas. Camp Hill provides students with the opportunity to thrive threw emersion in inquiry-based learning and a multitude of co-curricular activities. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff provide a well-balanced, challenging and engaging school curriculum. We have a focus on building strong, positive relationships based on the school’s 5 values: caring, confidence, trust, honesty and respect. Students are provided the opportunity to learn and understand these values through the school’s social competency program, Grow.

We have a strong focus on wellbeing, a feature of which is the Dogs Connect program. Polly the school’s wellbeing dog provides emotional and wellbeing support to student needs through her presence in the classroom and playground. Students have the opportunity to provide care for Polly who is viewed as an important member of our school community.

Our performing arts program affords our students with the unique opportunity to participate in a short circus. The short circus has been a part of the school culture for more than twenty years and enables students not only to develop circus skills, but to build on their resilience, confidence, co-operation and organisational skills. The short circus has represented the school at a number of important civic and gala events.

The school’s sustainable garden is the corner stone of our sustainability program. Students at every level are involved in the garden, either through design, development, maintenance or propagation. As a Resource Smart School there is a strong focus on recycling and students are very conscious of the importance of not having an impact on their environment. The student led “Green Team” provide the school with important tips on how to minimise the impact on the environment through entertaining and engaging performances at the whole school assembly.

As a school our philosophy has always been one of caring and kindness and we welcome visitors and friends to our school.
Chris Barker