All students in Foundation to Year 2 will receive weekly one half hour lessons delivered by a LOTE – Chinese specialist teacher. All students in Years 3 to 6 will receive weekly one hour lessons delivered by a LOTE – Chinese specialist teacher.

At Camp Hill we actively promote our students’ ability to use a Language Other Than English (LOTE) and to understand and/or move between different cultures is important for full participation in the modern world, especially in the context of increasing globalisation and Australia’s cultural diversity.
Through learning an additional language at our school students will:

  • Learn to communicate in an Asian language for many purposes and in many contexts; they can extend their social contacts, and have direct access to knowledge, ideas and information written or spoken in the targeted language
  • Learn to use the language effectively and develop an understanding of the cultural contexts in which the language is used, as well as the shared meanings, values and practices of the community as embodied in that language
  • Develop an understanding of the way language works (its structure, the role it plays, and its effects), which they can apply to other languages, including English
  • Use technology appropriately and effectively to support the learning of Mathematics, and in carrying out mathematical activities in context
  • Gain knowledge of and make connections across a range of concepts drawn from other Victorian Curriculum areas