In 2023 all students will receive weekly one hour lessons delivered by a Physical Education specialist teacher. The Physical Education & Sport program at our school promotes an understanding of the importance of health and lifelong participation in physical activity and encourages participation in physical activities as an enjoyable experience.

The Physical Education and Sport program at Camp Hill Primary School will provide opportunities for each child to:

  • Concentrate on ‘skills’ teaching and require organisation to allow for effective participation and maximum ‘hands on’ experiences for students. An ideal format includes warm-up, skills acquisition, application, and cool-down activities.
  • Follow the Sunsmart protocols during all Physical Education sessions.
  • Use Physical Education skills in a variety of sporting situations.
  • Participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (Junior students).
  • Be involved in a sequential, intensive swimming program.
  • Participate in outside school and zone competitions.
  • Walk or ride to school where safe and appropriate. The school will promote walking or riding to school through a whole of school activity at least one day per term e.g. Walk, Ride or Scoot to school day or Walk-A-Fun.