Foundation (Prep) 2024 Enrolment Information  


Camp Hill Primary School is located in Bendigo, a major regional centre in Victoria. The first enrolment figure for the school was 1290 students. The building is listed with Heritage Victoria, included in their statement of significance is the following: Camp Hill Primary School is of historical significance as an important landmark in the City of Bendigo. Due to its size, siting and central position, it became regarded as the most important school in the city.

The building is centrally located in Rosalind Park, with most students either driven or walk to and from school. The current population of the school is 365 students. The introduction of the Neighbourhood School policy in 2006, has allowed the school to offer classes within a manageable teaching size, with the aim to maintain class sizes as small as possible, the Prep to year two classes have 21 students and most other classes are on average 26 students.

Camp Hill Primary School aims to develop in each student an ability to maximise their potential and respect for themselves and others. We maintain and continue to build a peaceable school, where the school culture is positive, stimulating, harmonious and safe. The school based social competencies GROW Program assists in promotion of student wellbeing.

The range of specialist programs is seen as a strength of the school and highly valued by students and the community.

The following specialist classes operated: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Library, Chinese and Reading Recovery. Additional Performing Arts experiences available to students included: the Short Circus, the Dance Troupe and Choir. The students involved in these groups represented Camp Hill Primary School at many regional events. The schools Sustainable Centre engages students and the community in the hands on practices associated with educating for sustainability. We committed to developing dynamic and ethical practices in relationship with the environment that go beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in all school activities and to become partners with their teachers in developing positive educational outcomes for their students. Parental involvement is identified as an important component of the school. The school provides support to parents through a well-regarded Out of School Hours Care Program.

The School Council, as the prime decision making body, follows a team approach involving input from subcommittees which are made up of councillors, teachers and leadership.

Purpose of Camp Hill Primary School is to develop and nurture lifelong learners within an engaging, global learning community, where the uniqueness and contributions of individuals are valued, shared and celebrated.

Following are the core values in which we strongly believe underpin our purpose and are the guiding principles of our school:


Being kind, helpful and sympathetic towards other people


To always tell the truth


Believing in yourself and others


Recognising the rights, feelings, wishes and individual differences of others through speech and manners


Safely express opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings in a secure environment

Chris Barker – Principal
Trish Johnstone – Assistant Principal