All students will receive weekly one hour lessons delivered by a Visual Arts specialist teacher. Camp Hill Primary School recognises the contribution the Arts make to the development of students, to engage in unique, expressive, creative, and communicative forms that assists students in developing critical and creative thinking which helps them understand themselves and the world.

Our school provides a sequential Visual Arts Communication program based upon the outcomes contained within the Victorian Curriculum and includes Art, Media, and Visual Communications.

The Visual Arts program at our school provides the opportunity for students to:

  • have continuous and sequential learning experiences in the Visual Arts disciplines undertaken at all levels
  • provide an opportunity to creatively communicate personal ideas, observations, and understandings of the world
  • create, make, plan and present art works
  • develop the ability to respond to artworks through analysis and interpretation.
  • increase their understanding of the importance of the Arts in our society though social, cultural, and historical contexts.