Student Welfare Worker

Camp Hill Primary School Student Welfare Worker

Phalen Taylor is the Student Welfare Worker at Camp Hill P.S who works in our school each Monday and Tuesday.

Recommendations for students to meet with Phalen can come from either the school staff or the student’s parents.

In order for students to access Phalen a referral needs to be signed off by parents.

Phalen will be available:

•     As a friend and confidant to students.

•    To counsel and assist students with special needs and those experiencing problems or trauma.

•    To assist staff who require counselling and support.

•    To work in conjunction with our visiting Guidance Officer, Social Worker and other support agencies.

•     To provide support to parents and to liaise with parents as required.

•     To work with staff to improve the quality of life for our students.

•     To initiate activities that will enhance interpersonal relationships and reinforce high self-esteem and positive values.

•      To take in a pastoral care role within our school community.