Prep Department

In 2015 the Prep Department included the following classes, teachers and support staff:

Prep A – Melissa Gleisner (4 days) & Alana Vaughan (1 day)

Prep B – Glynis Rogers (4 days) & Lara Manning (1 day)

P/1 A – Julie Quinlan

Student Support: Kerrie Murray (EAL) and Christine Spicer (Reading Recovery)

 Significant programs and events which take place in the Prep Department throughout the year include:

  • Swimming Afternoon-getting to know each other
  • Gymnastics Program at John Palmer’s Gym (Grade 1’s only)
  • In School Gymnastics Program with Kylie Ross (Grade Preps)     
  • 100 days of school celebration
  • Cooking activities throughout the year
  • Gardening
  • Whole school swimming program
  • Major excursion
  • Teddy Bears Hospital

Preps 1

Preps 2

Preps 3

Preps 4