5/6 Department

In 2015 the 5/6 department consists of 4 straight grade classes and includes the following teachers and support staff:

5A – Ryan Gow

5B – Cath Wallace

6A – Nina Mazzarella

6B – Brett Parkes

Student Support: Leesa Caddaye & Janice McArthur

Significant programs and events which take place in the 5/6 Department include:

* The One-to-One Netbook Program.

* Camp Norval, Halls Gap. Students attend this camp for three nights every second year. 2015 is camp year!

* Day excursions to various parts of Victoria

* Tournament of Minds.

* Literature Clubs.

* Interschool sporting tournaments.

* Cross Country and Athletics.

* Chinese Language Program.

* Preparation for Puberty Program (delivered by the school nurse).

* Leadership of the Camp Hill Short Circus

* Grade Six Graduation Evening

Short Circus Stilt Walkers

Short Circus Stilt Walkers

Camp Norval: before the high ropes!

Camp Norval: before the high ropes!

Camp Norval: Rock Climbing

Camp Norval: Rock Climbing