The Arts

Visual Arts

All children at Camp Hill P.S receive one hour of Visual Arts education per week, planned by a specialist Visual Arts teacher. The program is designed to be innovative, engaging and related to the child’s everyday world. Inquiry focusses in the classrooms are integrated with the Art program to extend classroom learning.

Camp Hill P.S is ideally situated next to the Arts Precinct of Bendigo which has a number of gallery spaces nearby which are visited when appropriate. The school is a member of the Bendigo Art Gallery which is a five minute walk from Camp Hill. Students have regular opportunities to visit world class exhibitions at no cost. Children often have the opportunity to exhibit work through exhibitions in the community and school displays. Adjacent Rosalind Park is also used as a resource for art inspiration and activities. 

The Peace Chair: mosaic tiles by CHPS students.

The Peace Chair: mosaic tiles by CHPS students.

Performing Arts

Camp Hill Primary prides itself on having a strong and vibrant Performing Arts culture. This is achieved through a specialist Performing Arts classroom program as well as strong Performing Arts Enhancement programs in Choir, Dance, Rhythm band, Circus.

Performing Arts Class

All the students at Camp Hill have a Performing Arts class each week with a specialist teacher. The Performing Arts curriculum is developmental and hands on. The student’s develop skills through experiential learning activities in music, dance, drama and circus. Students explore the elements, principles and conventions of these Performing Art forms to create work and develop understandings. Each week students practice new material and rehearse or revise existing material.

At Camp Hill Students are encouraged to use their imagination, to build creativity, utilise expression and develop their own aesthetic thinking. Students examine aspects of their own performing arts work as well as community events and global cultures. In Performing Arts classes, students engage in broader skills such as; integrated class or school themes, physical coordination, vocabulary, speech, social and personal skills.

Camp Hill has regular performance outcomes, in school and beyond and this culminates in the annual whole school end of year concert.

Concert Performance 2012

Concert Performance 2012


Performing Arts 5