At Camp Hill Primary School, all classes from Prep to Grade 6 have a daily one hour mathematics session. Teachers use a variety of approaches and resources which include targeted teaching, investigations, skill building games and technology to engage students and develop their mathematical understandings and skills in the three areas of Number & Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics & Probability.

Mathematics at Camp Hill recognises that:

  • All students develop their mathematical skills and understandings in different ways and at different rates. Catering for this in classrooms is crucial.
  •  The ability to problem solve and possess strong mental computation skills are skills essential for life.
  • Mathematics must be made relevant to students and learning experiences should relate to students’ everyday lives.

In Prep to Grade 2 students lay the foundation for learning mathematics. They explore mathematical ideas relevant to their current lives and learn the language of mathematics. Through a variety of visual and hands-on activities students work in pairs, small groups and as a whole class to learn about how the number system works. Links between the three areas of mathematics are made through problem solving and guided discovery.

In Grades 3 to 6 there is an emphasis on students continuing to build on their understanding of mathematical concepts, moving towards applying these understandings to ‘real life’ situations through problem solving and practical tasks. Students learn to ‘make links’ between all areas of mathematics and apply these to new learning situations.

Our mathematics program aims to prepare students for their future learning and life experiences.

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