At Camp Hill Primary School, all classes Prep to Grade 6 have a daily two hour literacy session. Teachers use the ‘whole class – small group/independent –whole class’ approach to teach one hour of reading and one hour of writing.

 Prep to grade two, literacy is from 9-11am to maximise the support from families. The primary focus of the Prep – Grade 2 classes is ‘learning to read and write’. Teachers link learning in reading and writing to the term inquiry focus if possible to make literacy learning meaningful. Handwriting and spelling is taught in writing sessions. Each session, has a learning focus that students are aware of and they reflect on this at the end of the session.

 To ensure every child learns to read and write, students who need additional assistance have the opportunity in grade one to participate in our support programs ‘Reading Recovery’ or small group literacy sessions with a specialist literacy teacher.

 Grades 3 to 6, literacy is from 11.25-1.25pm. The focus is ‘using literacy to learn’. Students build upon and use what they have learnt in the junior years to facilitate learning in other curriculum areas. They participate in small group activities including ‘Literature Club’. In Literature Club  groups, they read and discuss their way through novels using set criteria to share their thoughts, deepen their understandings and question and accept other’s points of view.

Lit Clubs in the 5/6 Department

Lit Clubs in the 5/6 Department