Integrated Inquiry

At Camp Hill we use an Integrated Inquiry approach to guide planning and teaching.

(At Camp Hill we use a planning model called ‘Integrated Inquiry’.) Learning using the inquiry approach involves students forming their own questions about a topic and having time to explore the answers. Inquiry Learning encourages students to examine concepts in depth. Concepts are integrated across curriculum areas in order to achieve depth and breadth of learning. The inquiry approach is based on the belief that students are powerful learners who must actively be engaged in the process of investigating, processing, organising, synthesizing, refining, and extending their knowledge and skills. It also provides opportunities for students to be independent and caters for different levels of understanding and ability. The inquiry process has the potential to develop personal skills including independence, thinking skills, confidence, decision making, cooperative learning and other life skills.

Integrated Inquiry works hand-in-hand with the promotion and development of 21st Century Skills as outlined on the Technology page.