Transition Programs

In Grade 6

Grade 6 Co-ordinator liaises with feeder Secondary Colleges regarding Transition experiences.
Enrolment packs & information provided by Secondary Schools is given to students.
Student data is transferred & discussed where appropriate.
Further Transition experiences for targeted students who require greater exposure to Secondary School life due to special needs are arranged.
Grade 5/6 staff continue to facilitate positive discussions regarding Transitioning into Secondary School life with students.
Grade 6 students given the opportunity to attend the Senior School Expo if possible.    

All Grade 6 students are given the opportunity to go to the Orientation day at their chosen Secondary School.

 In Grades 1 to 5

Step-Up Program comprising of 3 one hour visits to students’ prospective new year level. Each visit is to a different classroom so students  get to know new staff & students.
New Class Day” (2 hrs) where students spend time in their new class, with their peers & teacher for the prospective year.
Teachers discuss students’ queries & questions regarding expectations for the following year & assist in teaching students skills (Social Competencies in Grow Program) to equip students to handle the change.
Teachers pass on all student’s files and discuss any issues related to students with their new teacher.
Opportunities will be provided for parents to visit classes or communicate with the school regarding their child’s progress at all times, and any issues that arise will be attended to as soon as possible.

In Prep

Prep students do not attend school on Wednesday’s for their initial period of Schooling.
Senior buddies assist in settling in by eating lunch with prep buddy and playing with them outside (initially).
The senior buddy acts as a contact for the Prep students outside. 
Morning tea for parents provided on the first day of school, with specialist staff assisting classroom teachers with the needs of the new students.

 At Kinder

Three information evenings about school’s programs and procedures with opportunity for questioning and discussion. 
3 School visits during 4th term for all children (and their parents).
2 school experiences during Term 4 comprising of a Transition Barbeque  and Orientation Day.
Information session for parents related to the first day of school.
Parents receive detailed information packages about the school.  Prep students are mailed a welcome Buddy letter to home address over Christmas holiday period.