The GROW Program

The Grow Program encompasses the Camp Hill Primary School Purpose, Values and to a lesser extent the principles of You Can Do It.

The Grow program is based on the premise that all students will benefit from: 

  • Student collaboration and wellbeing in a mixed-aged setting;
  • Increased understanding and awareness of the school values and student code of conduct;
  • Using a platform of consistent language and approach to student welfare that they can practice both in the classroom, at play times and at home;
  • Discussions and activities that build resilience and develop student leadership;
  • An increased sense of community in their environment;
  • The establishment of a multi-age support group for students during their time at our school.

As a school we uphold the belief we have a responsibility to educate our students to make positive moral based decisions. The Grow program is an avenue in which this is fostered.