Camp Hill Primary School uses a range of different technology resources to support teaching and learning in the classroom.


Our school new network and wireless infrastructure provides reliable internet access and shared file storage to the entire school. Our technicians are employed to provide support 2 days per week.

Classroom Netbooks

All classes have access to wireless netbook computers:

* Prep, One and Two classes have at a ratio of 1 netbook for every 3 students.

* Grade 3/4 students have a ratio of 1:2

The Netbook Program for Grade 5/6

Students in the 5/6 department participate in the Netbook Program. The Netbook Program operates under a co-contribution arrangement between families and the school. Students are responsible for their own netbook which is used to support learning at school and at home. As a resource, the netbook provides students with ‘anytime’ access to the Internet and comes with over 70 software applications.

Interactive Whiteboards

All classrooms across the school have Hitachi Starboard Interactive Whiteboards. This highly valued resource allows teachers to visually engage students in a range of ways through access to the Internet and to numerous educational software applications.

Polycom Video Conference

Camp Hill Primary School acquired a Polycom Video Conferencing station in 2011. This resource provides the opportunity for staff and students to conference with other schools across the state. Students have used this resource to work collaboratively with students from other schools and staff utilise the Polycom to participate in professional learning with colleagues.

Mathletics Subscription

Students from Grade 1 to 6 have a Mathletics subscription. Mathletics is the worlds most used Mathematics website. Teachers can provide individualised programs for students and receive ongoing assessment data on student progress. For more information visit the Mathletics website.  

 Other Technology Resources

HD Flip Cameras and EasiSpeak Microphones are used by students in a variety of ways of creative ways to create mini movies, podcasts and digital portfolio samples.