Bits and Pieces (Grade 1/2)

The Bits and Pieces program runs in the 1/2 Department on a weekly basis. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of small group activities provided by teachers, senior students and parents. The activities are organised to cater for the students’ different interests and learning styles  (for example craft,  cooking, science experiments and sports).

The benefits of the Bits and Pieces program include:

  • Providing opportunities for students to participate in new and exciting extra-curricular activities.
  • Promoting interpersonal skills in small group settings, such as team work and communication.
  • Fostering the development of oral language skills, through interaction between students and sharing sessions at the conclusion of the activity.
  • Giving opportunities for Grade Two students and senior students to demonstrate leadership when taking a small group.

·        Opportunities for parents to be involved in school programs. Parents bring a range of new skills and interests to share with students.

B and P 1

B and P 2