Getting Involved

How can parents become involved at Camp Hill?

Camp Hill is proud to have a very active and involved parent community. There are a number of ways parents can become involved in our school. Here are some examples:

1. Volunteer as a class helper. Parents are welcome to help with reading in the mornings, to assist on day trips and excursions and help run activities.

2. Become involved in school fundraising. There are a number of fundraising events throughout the year at Camp Hill which rely on parent involvement. These events include preparing and serving weekly Friday lunches, organising the Father’s and Mother’s Day stalls, the Wacky Walk-a-Fun and the annual Fete.

3. Offer your skills in extra curricular activities and programs such as after school sports and the ‘Bits and Pieces’ program conducted in the Grade 1/2 Department.

4. Help out in the school library or with lost property.

At Camp Hill we greatly value the contributions of our parent community. Please enquire at the office or with your child’s teacher about how you can become involved.