School Profile

Camp Hill Primary School’s majestic building is centrally located in Rosalind Park, with most students either driven or walked to and from school. The current school population is 358 students and 31 staff members. The school has a very strong and positive reputation within the Bendigo community and as a result is seen as a desirable location for parents to enrol their children. The introduction of the Neighbourhood School Policy with an accompanying school zone in 2006, has allowed the school to offer classes within a manageable teaching size, with the aim to maintain class sizes as small as possible.

We pride ourselves on a strong team culture at Camp Hill. Teachers work in departments across the school and work collaboratively to deliver a diverse teaching and learning program. In 2014 Camp Hill Primary School offers straight classes (with the exception of one Prep/1 class).

Teaching teams are structured in the following manner:

* Prep / 1 Department: 2 x Prep classes and 1 x Prep/1 class.

* 1/2 Department: 2x Grade 1 and 2x Grade 2 classes. 

* 3/4 Department: 2x Grade 3 and 2x Grade 4 classes.

* 5/6 Department: 2x Grade 5 and 2x Grade 6 classes.

* Specialist Classes & Programs: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Indonesian Language & Library.

* Specialist Reading Recovery Teacher

* Education Support Staff work across a number of classrooms.

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