School Council

The School Council is responsible for the governance of the school.

It has provision for 15 members; 8 parents, 4 teachers, 2 community member and the Principal as Executive Officer. School Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm in the school staffroom. It operates sub-committees in Student Learning, Student well-being, Finance, Transition and fundraising. Elections are held in March each year.

The current Camp Hill Primary School Council is as follows:

President Sam Cook
Vice President David Brownbill
Treasurer Simon Wooldridge
Secretary Scott Alterator
Executive Officer Leonie Roberts (Principal)
Community Members

Parent Members

Callum McKay

Simon Wooldridge

Laura Purtill
Martin Hamilton

Ross Hindson

Maree Plant

Staff Members Chris Barker
Kerrin Yates
Kim Delmenico

Brett Parkes

Three of the critical roles of school councils are:

  • developing the strategic plan
  • approving the annual budget
  • setting and reviewing policies.

 Other roles include:

  • school maintenance
  • sub-contracting
  • fundraising
  • school community engagement.

1. Do I need special experience to be on school council?

No! What you need is an interest in the school and the ability to work cooperatively with others to help shape its future.

2. Why is parent membership so important?

Parents on councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school. Parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying in itself and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.

3. How can I become involved?

The most obvious way to become involved is to vote in the elections that are held in February or March each year. Since ballots are only held if more people nominate as candidates than there are positions vacant, you might seriously consider standing for election as a member of the school council, or suggesting to another person that they stand for election

4. What do I need to do to stand for election?

The principal arranges and conducts the elections. Ask at the school for help if you would like to stand for election and are not sure what to do. The principal will issue a notice and call for nominations in the second half of February or early in March. For parents, this notice will probably be given to your child so you may need to check with them whether it has been sent home.

Further information from the DEECD will provide additional information regarding the role and responsibilities of School Council.