Following discussion between the DEECD and Training Loddon Mallee Regional Director, Assistant Regional Director, school council president and school principal a decision has determined that Camp Hill Primary School should restrict its enrolments to the limits imposed by accommodation constraints. Accordingly DEECD guidelines have determined that the school should service a defined area, called the “neighbourhood school zone”. The school neighbourhood zone has been devised taking into consideration the location of other local Primary Schools. A map of the school zone is available at the bottom of this page and a detailed list of actual addresses within the neighbourhood zone is available at the office.


  1. To provide each child residing in the school neighbourhood zone or with a sibling currently at the school with a right to a place at this school.
  2. To provide clear and precise enrolment guidelines for parents wishing to enrol their children at Camp Hill Primary School.


  1. Each child residing within the school neighbourhood zone will be provided with a place at Camp Hill Primary School.
  2. Students living outside the school neighbourhood zone with a current sibling who has the same permanent residential address, who will be concurrently attending Camp Hill Primary School, will be provided with a place at Camp Hill Primary School.
  3. Enrolment applications for children living outside the school zone will be accepted subject to the availability of a place. In the case of no place being available the child can be placed on a waiting list pending the availability of places.
  4. Any places remaining after the placement of students as per 1 and 2 will be allocated to students living outside the school zone in order of closeness of their home to the school.
  5. Parents can choose to go on a waiting list for the following year. Interim Enrolment applications are obtainable from the school office and will be accepted throughout the year for the following year. Proximity to the school as per guideline 4 will determine who is eligible for enrolment if enrolments exceed limits imposed by accommodation constraints.
  6. Parents of students on the Interim Enrolment list for the following year, will receive confirmation or otherwise of their enrolment status at Camp Hill PS by the end of July.
  7. In exceptional cases, students may be enrolled on compassionate grounds where there are significant family or individual circumstances.
  8. The enrolment policy will be managed by the Principal.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s four-year review cycle.


Neighbourhood School Zone Map

School Zone

This policy was last ratified by School Council in July 2012.