Sister School: Dong Zhou Primary (China)

Dong Zhou Primary School: Established in November 2013 as our Sister School in China

Camp Hill Primary School is sister school to Dong Zhou Primary School in Haimen, China. Both Principals have visited each other schools look forward to a very positive relationship.


•             To strengthen the relationship between schools in Victoria and overseas countries;

•             To increase global awareness and intercultural understanding

•             To broaden the knowledge and understanding of students by enabling them to gain an understanding, appreciation and respect for other cultures;

•             To support the teaching of that language in the Victorian school and English in the overseas school;

•             To develop ties of friendship through regular communication;

•             To develop opportunities for teachers to exchange course material, information on methods and practices and on educational matters in general;

•             To provide opportunities for contact and interaction with the wider school community;

•             To promote Victorian education overseas, and

•             To facilitate immersion visits of students and teachers to the sister school.


•             Opportunities for sharing pedagogies and curriculum

•             Increased knowledge and experience of a different education system first hand;

•             Professional development by exchanging ideas and knowledge;

•             Broader educational horizons by adding a global perspective; and

•             Improved proficiency in languages through added involvement in the language and culture.


•             Increased global awareness and intercultural skills

•             Knowledge and experience of a different culture first hand;

•             Broadened understanding, acceptance and tolerance of other cultures

•             Access to new ideas and experiences by working closely with different cultures and educational systems;

•             Increased enthusiasm to learn a language and access to native speakers; and

•             Improved competence and confidence in the use of technology

•             Opportunities for purposeful, genuine and authentic communication

Dong Zhou Primary School

Dong Zhou Primary School

Dong Zhou Primary & Camp Hill Primary officially sister schools.

Dong Zhou Primary & Camp Hill Primary officially sister schools.

Hello from Dong Zhou Primary School!

Hello from Dong Zhou Primary School!